10 Awesome Sports Stars Who Are Also Incredible Humanitarians

10 Awesome Sports Stars Who Are Also Incredible Humanitarians

Amazing as they are on the field, these 10 sports stars prove they are also incredible humanitarians off the field of play. From creating sports memorabilia to raise money for charity to direct charitable donations and volunteer work, these 10 sports stars make you proud to be an athlete no matter what sport you play. Here’s a look at 10 Awesome Sports Stars Who Are Also Incredible Humanitarians.

Tiger Woods

For most people, poor sleep habits are simply a result of being overworked and tired. But for legendary golfer Tiger Woods, who is known for his intense workout routines, it might be more than that. Woods has been open about his problems with insomnia, often saying that he just doesn't need as much sleep as other people do. But even if you're not working out like Woods (or maybe not even moving at all), sleep specialists say that tiger-style sleeping isn't healthy because it makes your circadian rhythm less efficient. If you don't need much sleep but find yourself constantly tired anyway, you may have insomnia or another kind of sleep disorder; talk to your doctor if symptoms persist.

Serena Williams

For me, sleep is such an important part of my job. If I don’t get enough sleep, I’m not going to perform well. Every night before I go to bed, I do a few specific things that help make sure I get a full eight hours of sleep—and these habits have helped me feel like one of the best athletes in history. They can work for you too! Here are three things Serena Williams does before she goes to bed every night...

John Cena

In all fairness, good night content is just some pleasant filler at 8pm. Is it ridiculous? It’s absurd. It’s totally absurd. It’s so stupid and silly and dumb, but let me give you something that is not those things. Let me tell you what I do every night before I go to bed to ensure a better night of sleep: Listen to John Cena talk. Because nothing puts me right out like listening to him speak.

Michael Phelps

Before I go to bed, I like to read or listen to music on my phone. When it comes time for bed, I'll put all my electronics away and close my eyes. Before I go to sleep, I’ll think about what great day we had, how many workouts we did in practice today and just think about anything that makes me happy. — Michael Phelps via GQ Magazine - February 2014 issue

 Novak Djokovic

One of my new year’s resolutions is to get enough sleep, so I’m trying to implement better sleeping habits. My bedtime is at around 10:30 p.m., and every night before I turn in I make sure that my room is completely dark and quiet—that has helped me feel more relaxed, which helps me fall asleep faster. And once I wake up in the morning? First thing I do is go outside and get some fresh air (and sunlight!). Fresh air energizes you, makes you happier and healthier—which can help your body process sleep better. By simply walking outdoors first thing in the morning, even on days that it’s cold or raining, you can still reap these benefits!

Tony Hawk

I am so excited about my latest project for Bedgear, that I had to share it with you. The key to good sleep and ultimately better health is having good circulation in your body. When you sleep on an average mattress, your entire body doesn't move as much when you breathe causing blood not to flow as well, especially if you are a side sleeper like me. Bedgear developed some amazing pillows and mattresses that keep your body moving throughout the night which results in better circulation in your whole body. It allows for great sleep and better health! Now I can't wait for bedtime!

David Beckham

I Get 5 Hours of Sleep a Night, but That's OK - TIME: There’s no denying that David Beckham looks more rested than other 41-year-olds. The soccer star and dad to four children (9-year-old Brooklyn, Romeo, 8, Cruz, 6, and 3-year-old Harper) told TIME that his secret is simple: he gets just five hours of sleep each night.

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