You'll Be Surprised How Many People Play These Epic Sports

You'll Be Surprised How Many People Play These Epic Sports

You'll Be Surprised How Many People Play These Epic Sports

Sports Stars Incredible Humanitarians. How often do you hear that these days? It’s an interesting question because most people would probably assume that athletes are in it all for the fame and glory, and they’re only interested in winning as many games as possible. Well, not so fast! There are thousands of sports stars who are also incredible humanitarians, and if you think about it, there really isn’t anything surprising about it at all.

Kenny Easley (Football, 1984-1994)

Here's something that’s probably true for many of us: We spend more time in bed than we do doing anything else. So why aren't we sleeping as well as possible? The simple answer is exercise. Sure, you may feel tired at times and want to sleep more (who doesn't?), but exercising can actually make it easier for you to fall asleep and stay asleep. That’s because exercise stimulates blood flow throughout your body.

Floyd Mayweather (Boxing, 1996-)

I’m addicted to sleep. I love it; I do everything in my power to get as much sleep as possible... I have a personal chef who cooks for me, but all he really does is cook for one—me. All day long, I just eat lean meat and vegetables and drink water. When it comes time for dinner, that’s when my wife and kids eat whatever we’re having.

Dennis Rodman (Basketball, 1986-2000; 2001-03)

Rodman might be most famous for his outlandish clothes and wacky hair, but it was his defensive skills that helped him win five NBA championships with Michael Jordan. He was twice named Defensive Player of the Year, in 1990-91 and 1991-92. Rodman began playing basketball while serving in the US Army after his parents divorced. During halftime of an AWACS ball game he hosted at Ft.

Paul George (Basketball, 2010-)

During his time in LA, George averaged 19.9 points, 7.6 rebounds and 3.3 assists per game. He was named an All-Star twice during his four years with the Lakers—once when he was injured and again in 2018, after re-signing with Indiana as a free agent.

Mia Hamm (Soccer, 1988-)

Believe it or not, but Hamm got her sleep on. In an interview with ESPN Magazine , she was quoted as saying that if she slept less than six hours, she’d be as slow as molasses on the field. With three World Cup championships under her belt, it appears as though her good night’s sleep pays off.

Chris Bosh (Basketball, 2003-)

I think it’s important for people to understand that naps are as important as sleeping at night. Because our bodies are used to 24 hours, it’s helpful for us to have naps during the day so we can catch up on sleep and recharge ourselves.

Eric Cantona (Soccer, 1992–1997)

Just because it’s not allowed, that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. And in football, I feel like there is too much that isn’t allowed. You can take penalties by going three yards forward instead of five yards back, and so on. For example, I had many bad tackles against me and nobody did anything about it; but when I kicked someone on purpose, that was banned for life! It made me laugh! It was a World Cup quarter-final.

Wilt Chamberlain (Basketball, 1959–1973)

Chamberlain is one of three players in NBA history with at least 4,000 points in their first six seasons. Chamberlain made seven All-Star appearances and was selected on three All-NBA First Teams and one Second Team. Chamberlain was Rookie of the Year for 1958–59, scoring 37 points per game (ppg) on 52% shooting from the field, which stood as a rookie record until Dwyane Wade broke it during his 2002–03 season.

Grant Hill (Basketball, 1994–2007; 2009–present day); and his wife Tamia Hill

They have three children named Dylan Jagger (born February 10, 2001), Carter William (born November 14, 2003), and Leah Ruth (born May 3, 2006). He also has two children from previous relationships: son Stephen DeWayne Hill II (born 1982) and daughter Skylar Brandi Hill (born 1991). In 2016 he remarried Tamia. [10] He is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints . [11]

James Harrison (American football linebacker )

A linebacker is a playing position in American football and Canadian football. Linebackers are members of the defensive team, and line up approximately three to five yards (4 m) behind the line of scrimmage, behind defensive linemen, and therefore back up the line. Linebackers generally align themselves before each play, and no player on offense is allowed to block them directly. This creates a gap between them and their adjacent linemen equal to their own distance from either sideline. A cornerback is an individual who specializes in pass coverage on American Football in National Football League (NFL). Many teams are using zone defenses with their cornerbacks—the New York Giants won Super Bowl XLII using such tactics.

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