E-sports vs Traditional Sports - Which Is Better?

E-sports vs Traditional Sports - Which Is Better?

E-sports vs Traditional Sports - Which Is Better?

As the popularity of electronic sports increases and draws in more players, it’s important to address the differences between traditional sports and e-sports in order to determine which is better. In this article, we’ll discuss five key areas where e-sports differ from traditional sports, as well as the benefits that each type of sport has to offer. When you’re finished reading, you’ll be able to decide for yourself whether e-sports or traditional sports are better!

E-Sports History

E-Sports is a relatively new competitive sport. In fact, there was very little to no E-Sports history at all until 1982 when Atari held their first video game world championships. The video game tournament was played on Space Invaders, and it included competitors from several nations around the world. Several other companies began holding video game tournaments over time, but it wasn't until 1997 that The International came along.

E-Sports Popularity

e-Sports is a growing form of sport, even to those who wouldn’t consider themselves fans of video games. Even those who aren’t interested in video games or don’t understand them have begun to take notice. E-Sports are already drawing massive crowds and their popularity continues to grow as viewership numbers climb. Of course, everyone has an opinion on which type of sport is better: e-sports or traditional sports.

E-Sports In Different Countries

Though E-Sports is much smaller than traditional sports, it's rapidly growing in many countries around the world. In North America and Europe, E-Sports has become a mainstream entertainment industry with games like League of Legends and Dota 2 hosting tournaments with huge cash prizes up for grabs. Tournaments are held regularly at large venues that can house hundreds of viewers and thousands of players to participate in matches.

Do players make money from E-Sports

There are multiple ways that people can make money from E-Sports, but most of them involve being a player. For example, if you are a skilled gamer and have been invited to play for a professional team, you will have a salary from that team that depends on your skills and contributions. There may also be opportunities to sign contracts with sponsors. The more famous you become in E-Sports, the greater these opportunities could be.

Health Issues of E-Sports

E-sports players have a significantly higher risk of hand and wrist injuries, according to a recent paper published in BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine. The same study shows that e-sport players are even more prone to musculoskeletal injury than traditional athletes. Dr.

E-Sports Advantages

Cheaper . E-Sports doesn’t require specialized equipment or maintenance, so teams can start playing games as soon as they’ve got a computer and an internet connection. This makes it much cheaper to get started with e-sports than traditional sports. Plus, there are no fees for high school and college e-sports leagues like there are for traditional sports. Because of these factors, many parents find it much easier to convince their kids to join a high school e-sports team than a traditional one.

E-Sports Disadvantages

The Disadvantages of E-Sports : While playing E-Sports certainly has its perks, it also carries a few disadvantages. Some of these disadvantages include: screen time and isolation, aggression, cyberbullying and harassment, and lack of actual exercise. Below is a more in depth look at some of these cons.


You’re unlikely to go pro in traditional sports or e-sports—but does that matter? As you can see, there are countless differences between e-sports and traditional sports. But maybe it’s not about which is better: maybe it’s about whether you prefer a big screen and your couch, or a mouse and keyboard. There’s no right answer, so don’t rush into your decision without exploring both sides of the argument first!